To place a multi-item order, shipping to several different addresses. 

  • Login or create a Gifts Direct account  - click on My Account to start
  • Select the items you want to purchase, click on the Add to Bag button,
  • Click on the shopping bag icon in the top right corner to view your shopping bag selection,
  • Click on Checkout to proceed to the payment page
  • Select Multiple addresses
  • Next, Choose where to send your gifts. 
  • Your account address will initially feature against each item. Click on Add Address Button, to add each of the addresses to which you want to send an item to. You will need to add all the addresses first, then from the drop-down list of your recently entered addresses, select the specific address for each item in your order list.  Your list of addresses will be saved for the next time you want to place an order.
  • Review the order to each recipient and add either an individually personalized gift message to each item or the same gift message to all recipients
  • Continue to the payment page
  • Fill in your credit card details and click on the Place Order button. 
  • The screen will confirm your order has been placed successfully and provide the order number for you

Here are a few tips when placing an order on 

Full Postal Address:

You will need to have the recipient's full postal address to ensure it is successfully delivered, including the Eircode / Postcode /Zip code. Our carrier partners cannot ensure delivery if the full postal address is not provided.  Click here for Postcode finder links

Recipient phone number: 

We need the recipient's local phone number in case the delivery driver needs help to access the property or there is no one home.

If the recipient is located outside Ireland, the number provided must be local to the destination country. Delivery will be delayed if the number provided is not local to the destination country. 

When entering the recipient's phone number please ensure it has numeric values only. There should be no special characters and no spaces ( ) - / *.

Correct: +35312345678

Incorrect:: +353-1-2345678   or +353 (1) 2345678